What Is Our Research Methodology

Our approach is simple and is designed to offer a more personalized and realistic rating for you and your clients.

We rate on:

  1. Definition: the quality of the wording, making adjustments for different terms and qualifications that we find across the market.
  2. Incidence: the likelihood of this item forming part of the benefit claim amount (100% meaning one claim of whatever type e.g. death, disability etc).
  3. Frequency: the number of times the benefit is paid (100% meaning the item will be claimed once, less if it might not be claimed, and more if it can be claimed more than once).
  4. Amount: how much you will get paid as a proportion of the total value of the policy based on a claims scenario.

Quality Product Research has a value-based research approach which is detailed on the attached infographic. 

Please feel free to send us an online message or call us on (09) 480 6071 if you have any further questions. 

Happy Crunching! 

The Quotemonster Team